This Book Is Free

This book started out as bits of documentation written by Subversion project developers, which were then coalesced into a single work and rewritten. As such, it has always been under a free license (see 附录 D, Copyright). In fact, the book was written in the public eye, originally as a part of Subversion project itself. This means two things:

本书的在线主页在,有许多志愿的翻译工作。在网站上,你可以找到许多本书最新快照和标签版本的链接,也可以访问到本书的Subversion版本库(存放了DocBook XML源文件)。我们欢迎反馈—也愿意接受鼓励。请将所有的评论、抱怨和对本书源文件的补丁发送到。本书的中文版主要是由Subversion中文站的志愿者翻译的,可以在看到本书的最新版本和其他资料,也要感谢i18n-zh的朋友的一些支持。