This book would not be possible (nor very useful) if Subversion did not exist. For that, the authors would like to thank Brian Behlendorf and CollabNet for the vision to fund such a risky and ambitious new open source project; Jim Blandy for the original Subversion name and design—we love you, Jim; and Karl Fogel for being such a good friend and a great community leader, in that order. [1]

Thanks to O'Reilly and our editors, Linda Mui and Tatiana Apandi, for their patience and support.

Finally, we thank the countless people who contributed to this book with informal reviews, suggestions, and fixes. While this is undoubtedly not a complete list, this book would be incomplete and incorrect without the help of: David Anderson, Jani Averbach, Ryan Barrett, Francois Beausoleil, Jennifer Bevan, Matt Blais, Zack Brown, Martin Buchholz, Brane Cibej, John R. Daily, Peter Davis, Olivier Davy, Robert P. J. Day, Mo DeJong, Brian Denny, Joe Drew, Nick Duffek, Ben Elliston, Justin Erenkrantz, Shlomi Fish, Julian Foad, Chris Foote, Martin Furter, Vlad Georgescu, Dave Gilbert, Eric Gillespie, David Glasser, Matthew Gregan, Art Haas, Eric Hanchrow, Greg Hudson, Alexis Huxley, Jens B. Jorgensen, Tez Kamihira, David Kimdon, Mark Benedetto King, Andreas J. Koenig, Nuutti Kotivuori, Matt Kraai, Scott Lamb, Vincent Lefevre, Morten Ludvigsen, Paul Lussier, Bruce A. Mah, Philip Martin, Feliciano Matias, Patrick Mayweg, Gareth McCaughan, Jon Middleton, Tim Moloney, Christopher Ness, Mats Nilsson, Joe Orton, Amy Lyn Pilato, Kevin Pilch-Bisson, Dmitriy Popkov, Michael Price, Mark Proctor, Steffen Prohaska, Daniel Rall, Jack Repenning, Tobias Ringstrom, Garrett Rooney, Joel Rosdahl, Christian Sauer, Larry Shatzer, Russell Steicke, Sander Striker, Erik Sjoelund, Johan Sundstroem, John Szakmeister, Mason Thomas, Eric Wadsworth, Colin Watson, Alex Waugh, Chad Whitacre, Josef Wolf, Blair Zajac, and the entire Subversion community.

来自 Ben Collins-Sussman

Thanks to my wife Frances, who, for many months, got to hear, “But honey, I'm still working on the book,” rather than the usual, “But honey, I'm still doing email.” I don't know where she gets all that patience! She's my perfect counterbalance.

感谢我的家人对我的鼓励,无论他们是否真的对我的课题感兴趣。(你知道的,一个人说 “哇,你正在写一本书?”,然后当他知道你是写一本计算机书时,那种惊讶就变得没有那么多了。)


Thanks to my parents for the perfect low-level formatting and being unbelievable role models. Thanks to my kids for the opportunity to pass that on.

来自 Brian W. Fitzpatrick

Huge thanks to my wife Marie for being incredibly understanding, supportive, and most of all, patient. Thank you to my brother Eric who first introduced me to Unix programming way back when. Thanks to my Mom and Grandmother for all their support, not to mention enduring a Christmas holiday where I came home and promptly buried my head in my laptop to work on the book.




来自 C. Michael Pilato

Special thanks to Amy, my best friend and wife of nearly ten incredible years, for her love and patient support, for putting up with the late nights, and for graciously enduring the version control processes I've imposed on her. Don't worry, Sweetheart—you'll be a TortoiseSVN wizard in no time!

Gavin, you can probably read half of the words in this book yourself now; sadly, it's the other half that provide the key concepts. But when you've finally gotten a handle on the written form of this crazy language we speak, I hope you're as proud of your Daddy as he is of you.

Aidan, what can I say? I'm sorry this book doesn't have any pictures or stories of locomotives. I still love you, son. (And I recommend the works of Rev. W. V. Awdry to fuel your current passion.)


Hats off to Shep Kendall, through whom the world of computers was first opened to me; Ben Collins-Sussman, my tour-guide through the open source world; Karl Fogel, you are my .emacs; Greg Stein, for oozing practical programming know-how; Brian Fitzpatrick, for sharing this writing experience with me. To the many folks from whom I am constantly picking up new knowledge—keep dropping it!


[1] 噢,还要感谢Karl为了本书所付出的辛勤工作。