AngularJS: API: ng/directive/ngForm


  1. - directive in module ng

Nestable alias of form directive. HTML does not allow nesting of form elements. It is useful to nest forms, for example if the validity of a sub-group of controls needs to be determined.

Note: the purpose of ngForm is to group controls, but not to be a replacement for the <form> tag with all of its capabilities (e.g. posting to the server, ...).

Directive Info

  • This directive executes at priority level 0.


  • as element: (This directive can be used as custom element, but be aware of IE restrictions).
  • as attribute:
  • as CSS class:
    <ANY class="[ng-form: ;]"> ... </ANY>


Param Type Details
ngForm | name

Name of the form. If specified, the form controller will be published into related scope, under this name.