AngularJS: API: ngRoute/service/$routeParams


  1. - service in module ngRoute

The $routeParams service allows you to retrieve the current set of route parameters.

Requires the ngRoute module to be installed.

The route parameters are a combination of $location's search() and path(). The path parameters are extracted when the $route path is matched.

In case of parameter name collision, path params take precedence over search params.

The service guarantees that the identity of the $routeParams object will remain unchanged (but its properties will likely change) even when a route change occurs.

Note that the $routeParams are only updated after a route change completes successfully. This means that you cannot rely on $routeParams being correct in route resolve functions. Instead you can use $route.current.params to access the new route's parameters.



 // Given:
 // URL:
 // Route: /Chapter/:chapterId/Section/:sectionId
 // Then
 $routeParams ==> {chapterId:'1', sectionId:'2', search:'moby'}