AngularJS: API: ngMock/provider/$exceptionHandlerProvider


  1. - $exceptionHandler
  2. - provider in module ngMock

Configures the mock implementation of $exceptionHandler to rethrow or to log errors passed into the $exceptionHandler.


  • mode(mode);

    Sets the logging mode.


    Param Type Details
    mode string

    Mode of operation, defaults to rethrow.

    • rethrow: If any errors are passed into the handler in tests, it typically
             means that there is a bug in the application or test, so this mock will
             make these tests fail.
    • log: Sometimes it is desirable to test that an error is thrown, for this case the log
         mode stores an array of errors in `$exceptionHandler.errors`, to allow later
         assertion of them. See assertEmpty() and